Federal Truck Weight Initiatives

Contributed by Curt Hassler, WVLC Board of Directors

Truck weight limitations on Interstate highways have been and continue to be a source of frustration to all types of haulers, including loggers.  In most states, the weight limits, with tolerances, exceed the Interstate weight limits.  In WV the tolerance is 10%, meaning that a five axle tractor/trailer combination can haul up to 88,000 pounds on state highways.

A couple of initiatives coming out of the US House of Representatives seek to remedy this disparity.  Rep. John Katko, R-NY is seeking to establish a pilot program in a small number of states, allowing six axle rigs weighing up to 91,000 pounds to travel the Interstate system.

Rep. Dave Brat R-VA is planning to reintroduce the “Right to Haul Act”.  This bill would allow trucks carrying loads up to the maximum state road weight limit to travel on that state’s portion of the Interstate highway system.  Please contact your local Congressman and encourage them to support these legislative proposals.