Health Insurance – WVFA Benefit of Membership

WVFA has come to an agreement with Hub International, Inc. of Pittsburg to offer an extremely affordable health insurance as a benefit of WVFA membership. We have identified an insurance carrier that has a low cost plan that can fit any budget. In fact, it meets the federal governments requirements for the Affordable Care Act. The insurance is designed for employees in the West Virginia forest products Industry.

The following is a simplified summary of the plans to give an idea what a base plan might look like. The benefits include:

  • No medical network requirements. Works very well for business in rural areas. They can use any doctor or hospital.
  • No preexisting conditions exclusions.
  • Low cost plans that start at $107 per employee per month. Optional buy up options allow employees to find a plan that fits any budget.
  • No Financial or employee participation requirements for the employer. Two employees are the minimum requirement. Employees can pay none or the entire premium.
  • No copays for Chiropractic care, doctor’s office visits and wellness care. The plan is designed to cover:
    • Concierge medical service that allows employees to call 24/7.
    • Access trained medical providers who can prescribe prescription drugs or advise them on an appropriate response to their condition.
  • The plan can cover  temporary, seasonal or 1099 employees as well.

Call 412-992-2860 to learn more.