Help with New WVFA Exhibit

To WVFA Membership:

 You may have heard, WVFA is excited about our new exhibit display to update our public face and energize the general public about West Virginia’s greatest asset; our forest ecosystems and the industries that utilize our high quality resources.

 One of the really exciting interaction pieces being designed into the new outreach image, is a mobile application called Kahoot! This system is a quiz game that is being utilized across primary and higher education classrooms. For those of you with children or teachers yourselves, you may be familiar with this application. Users enjoy it and it does give educators a way to change up their classroom and make testing fun.

 WVFA is looking to utilize Kahoot! to challenge all ages in learning about the workings of our 12 million+ acres of natural beauty. And we are looking for your help:

Your Help:

  • The goal is to develop WV specific quiz / challenge modules in 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
    • Beginner: Appropriate questions for Kindergarten to 5th grade
    • Intermediate: Appropriate questions for Middle School age up to 10th grade natural resources
    • Advanced: Appropriate questions for High School Junior/Senior and then all the way through college level questioning.
  • In the Intermediate and Advanced levels: 
    • Wildlife specific modules
    • Forest and plant specific modules (including specie ID)
    • Industry and manufacturing specific modules (logging and wood products manufacturing)
    • Recreation and Tourism specific module (would include questions on State Parks and such about the state)
    • Could do a insect and disease module as well
    • Possible to do minerals/subsurface questions…initially will put these questions into the “Forest” module.

 Each level within a module will be 10 questions and then in a challenge the participant can start off in Beginner and then the game will advance them through to Advanced or a random selection of questions can be done in the challenge. After the 50 question challenge then the total points wins and the WVFA can award those high point winners a prize.

We are looking for support to develop the questions for these modules. WVFA members send in 1 – 3 questions that could be part of these modules and make learning about WV Forests Fun!

Submission Requirements:

  • The question must be relative to West Virginia
  • The submission must include the question written out as desired and 4 multiple choice answers to be listed. The multiple choice options CAN include a “All above”, but let’s refrain from making answer options such as “Only A and C”. SO, 1 correct answer in the 4 or an option that would be “All above.
    • The submission must have the correct answer highlighted. 
    • Pictures are great! If the question can include a picture, please include the picture with the submission. Please make sure that WVFA has the legal right to use the picture. 
    • Remember we want to have questions that are appropriate for 5 year old and general public with limited experience, all the way up to that college forestry graduate that wants to see if they can remember what they have learned.
  •  Questions can be emailed to Scott Reigel at , or to the agency.

Thank you for participating in this exciting new adventure and let’s ALL get involved in making forestry education fun!

Scott Reigel
Forestry Program Head
1000 Dabney Drive, Clifton Forge, VA 24422
(540) 863-2894