Mapping App Saves You Time & Delivers WVFA Benefits

Similar to the Mountain State’s forest resources, time is a valuable resource. That’s why WVFA is pleased to announce that we have obtained an exclusive arrangement with the developers of, a forestry and land mapping tool that saves you time by consolidating WV real estate information into one convenient research tool for forestry and real estate professionals, including lawyers, surveyors, abstractors, foresters and investors.

Access up-to-date tax map parcel data and searchable land book data on’s interactive map. To more closely evaluate areas you can add a topo map, plus you can see how the landscape has changed over a 13 year period (2003-2016) by viewing the area with five aerial maps. You can also overlay wetlands, water, sewer, flood hazard, public highway, oil and gas well, surface and underground mining and abandon mine land data from the applicable government agencies. Additionally, the site’s proprietary plotting program lets you plot tracts to scale on the interactive map using bearings and distances.


Recognizing the benefits provided by this tool for our members, WVFA has worked with TitleMaps to set up a free 14 day trial for our members. We are especially excited that WVFA will receive a portion of the subscription fee for each WVFA member that subscribes to this service. To check out this time-saving tool and get your free trial at