WVFA Awards Dinner

At our recent Annual Conference, we had the opportunity to acknowledge contributions from the following persons and organization:

2018 Forester of the Year
Joe Garrett
For dedicated service to the industry and especially the WV Tree Farm Committee.

2018 Education Award
WV Envirothon
For excellent hands-on environmental education for youngsters.

2018 Service Award
Rachel & Mike Tillinghast
For the tremendous support for and special service to the Tree Farm Silent Auction initiative.

2018 Tree Farmer of the Year
Buck Chestnut
Buck was honored as Tree Farmer of the Year by WV Senate Resolution in February and at our AB Brooks Symposium breakfast earlier this year. But we always like to make the award-proper here at the Annual Conference.

Finally, we paid tribute to Tom Oxley of the WV Division of Forestry for having nominated of the Tree Farmer of the Year and for his service as a Tree Farm Inspector.