WVFA Awards Loggers

The 2019 Outstanding Logger of the Year Finalist (Regional Winners) are Triple B Logging, Inc., Dallison Logging and J&B Logging, Inc.We’d like to thank our Logger of Year Committee members for their excellent selections: Tom Crickenberger (Chair) – WestRock, Daniel Hoke – Weyerhaeuser, Jared Simpson – AWP, Ben Spong – WVU/ AHC, Ed Kraynok – WVFA, and Mike Moran – Weyerhaeuser Timberlands (incoming Chair). The WVFA WV Logger of the Year receives the “Golden Ax” award, a check for $500, a Chainsaw by Stihl (pictured) and each Finalist received a check for $250.00.

This year, Triple B Logging, Inc. – owned by Brad Woodall – was selected Logger of the Year. Triple B Logging began business in 2015. Brad’s father and brother also work for Triple B. Brad’s brother Phillip owns Robin Wood Trucking, which provides the trucking services. Brad is a 3rd generation logger. Brad fells by hand and utilize a JD 225 excavator w/cutoff saw to shovel log & 2 JD dozers & a JD 640 cable skidder. On the landing they utilize a Barko 495 loader and bucksaw. Triple B produces an average of 60 mbf/week and 200 tons of PW/week with a crew of 4 in the woods. They primarily contract harvest for Northwest Hardwoods, and typically make at least 4 sorts; sawlogs, peelers, OSB and HWPW and primarily contract harvest for NWH. Triple B Logging is a member of WVFA and were nominated by Casey Russell.

Finalist Dallison Logging – owned by Tom & Trent Dallisonbegan operations in 1867. Today the 5th generation operators are Tom & Trent Dallison. Their parents, Dick and Jayne are still very active in the business as well. Dallison Logging averages 100 mbf/week, with a crew of 6 including the truck driver.They utilize a Komatsu Feller/Buncher as well as hand felling when necessary. They utilize 1 John Deere 748 skidder, 3 Franklin skidders and 2 JD dozers in the woods. They merchandise on the landing is accomplished with a Hood 20000 loader and bucksaw. Trucking is accomplished with 2 Mack tri-axle log trucks, 1 has behind cab self-loader and the other has a pup trailer. Dallison’s conduct monthly documented Safety Meetings. They primarily contract harvest for Allegheny Wood Products and typically make at least 4 sorts; sawlogs, softwood PW, pine rails and firewood. They are members of WVFA, contribute time and funds to many local sports leagues, FFA & 4H and were nominated by Ron Cebulak.

Finalist J&B Logging, Inc. – owned by Jimmy Glotfelty J&B began business in 1995. Jimmy and his wife Julie handle all bookkeeping and administrative work themselves. Jimmy primarily fells with a Tigercat feller/buncher with a barsaw head that he helped develop with Tigercat. He also fells by hand when necessary. In the woods he utilizes Tigercat and JD grapples skidders and a JD dozer. He merchandises on the landing with a Tigercat 234 loader and bucksaw. He provides his own trucking service with 2 tractor/trailersJ&B produces an average of 80 mbf/week and 200 tons of PW and other products with a crew of 4 in the woods and 2 truck drivers. They primarily contract harvest for Allegheny Wood Products and typically make 5 to 6 sorts; sawlogs, scrag logs, HWPW, OSB, Peelers and rails. J&B conducts monthly documented safety meetings and participates in the Mountain Logger Group Safety Program. J&B Logging primarily contract harvest for AWP’s Kingwood mill. They are members of WVFA, a charter member of Mountain Loggers Group and donate to Log a Load for Kids. They were nominated by Curt Hassler

 Last Year’s WV Logger of the Year, Larry Bostic was nominated to the FRA Regional Logger of the Year Contest.

Financial sponsors for the Logger of the Year were: WV Loggers Council, Weyerhaeuser Timberlands, WVFA, Mountain Loggers Group-Curt Hassler, Robinson & McElwee, The Forestland Group – Greg Wilhelm, Frank Stewart, Columbia Forest Products and Western Pocahontas Properties.