Real American Hardwood Campaign Launches

As a benefit of your West Virginia Forestry Association membership, you are eligible to use the Real American Hardwood logo in your company’s promotional and marketing materials. Please see the below July 2021 update from the Real American Hardwood Coalition, as well as the exciting announcement about the coalition’s YouTube channel and campaign video!

It’s official! The Real American Hardwood Campaign has launched! The Real American Hardwood (RAH) logo is now available for download and use across the hardwood industry spectrum. Companies have already begun to download and consider how to best use the RAH branding materials.

We are looking forward to seeing the RAH logo on hardwood products, printed promotional materials, packaging, transportation vehicles, and social media in the coming months.

So, who can use the logo? The logo may be used by any company that is a member of one of the RAHC funding associations. Individual companies that provide financial support outside of association membership are also eligible to participate in the RAH campaign.

Products or packaging displaying the logo must also meet the definition of Real American Hardwood as developed by the Real American Hardwood Coalition (RAHC):

Real American Hardwood is defined as solid hardwood and veneered hardwood products from resources that are grown in the United States. Real American Hardwood maintains the integrity of the natural wood and is not a replication or non-wood product; its natural appearance (grain) has not been altered prior to finishing.

Products displaying or associated with the logo must be 90% by volume sourced hardwood material. This is the same standard as the federal “Made in America” program.

We encourage every company in the hardwood supply chain to explore how they can participate at, the website built especially for hardwood companies, executives, and employees. By including the Real American Hardwood logo on hardwood lumber, manufactured goods, trucks, websites, marketing materials, and business cards, we can all work together spread the word and raise awareness of naturally authentic American Hardwood!

The website provides everything needed to start, including downloadable graphics and guidelines for use. Visit to start.

Thanks to the hard work and financial support of over 25 industry associations, we have built the primary infrastructure to engage the hardwood industry in raising the profile of our amazing hardwood products…from the raw materials to industrial products to the finished goods used to furnish homes.

We have only begun our work to reach the millions of domestic consumers of Real American Hardwood items. RAHC priorities for the coming year include building significant industry participation in brand and logo use, creating and launching a consumer-focused website highlighting the multiple benefits of hardwood products, and expanding industry association membership in the RAHC.

There is still much to be done and we are open to all those interested in helping with our efforts! RAHC members are presenting at industry events across the country to build support. Check out our calendar of upcoming events…and let us know if you would like a presentation at your upcoming meeting.

We look forward to seeing the RAH logo popping up across the country, promoting the naturally authentic beauty and benefits of Real American Hardwood!

Questions? Please contact us at