Kevin Gregory: West Virginia Tree Farmer of the Year 2022

Kevin Gregory.

Each year, the West Virginia Tree Farm Committee recognizes a landowner who does exemplary work on their Tree Farm. This year, Kevin Gregory of Ireland, WV, was nominated and selected as the 2022 Tree Farmer of the Year. Kevin was nominated by WV Division of Forestry forester Danny James with support from testimonials from friends, neighbors, and natural resources professionals.

Kevin served in the United States Army for 29 years. After eleven moves in eight states and two different countries, he retired and returned home to West Virginia to live on and manage his 202 acres of land in Lewis & Braxton Counties. Kevin lives in Braxton County with his wife Brenda (Gabby) and they have two daughters Melissa and Adeline, both of Fairmont, WV. They have all helped on the property working with chainsaws, weed eaters, axes, and hatchets. Together they have already achieved many goals for their ten-year plan. Their plan aims to improve all the values that their forest can provide: timber, wildlife, recreation, soil and water, and scenic beauty.

Kevin Gregory with his tools of the trade.

In 2019, Kevin started his own business named Eagle Land Transformations, a wildlife habitat planning and management company. His company provides invasive species control and removal, excavation services, land clearing and improvements, and conservation practices.

Kevin promotes forest management by inspiring and recruiting landowners, educators, and professionals to participate in conservation efforts. He voices his thoughts to local, state, and regional political leaders, and shares stories and advice with others about the conservation practices he carries out on his farm. Kevin writes weekly conservation articles in The Braxton Citizens’ Newspaper. And he presents conservation lectures and demonstrations at Lions Club and Rotary Club meetings, as well as local high school and middle school agricultural programs.

Kevin has attended the WV Tree Farm Committee and presented to them a management plan he wrote for his property. He also supported the group in getting a $5,000 grant from the National Tree Farm System to help get more landowners in West Virginia signed up to be certified tree farmers.

Congratulations to Kevin Gregory and his family on this important recognition as an exemplary tree farmer!

Kevin Gregory holding an invasive plant.