Red Oak Exports Rise, Market Tightens

Despite having roughly the same amount of log exports for the first three-quarters of the year as last year, exports of red oak have risen dramatically in the United States.  With 55 million cubic feet of logs exported, exports of red oak rose 64 percent over last year, representing 29 percent of the U.S.’ total log export at nearly 16 million cubic feet.  Exports of other types of logs remained closer to last year’s numbers. Maple exports fell by 12 percent to 10.3 million cubic feet, birch fell by 19 percent to nearly 4 million cubic feet, ash rose 10 percent to 6.7 million cubic feet, white oak rose 20 percent to 5.6 million cubic feet, and walnut rose 28 percent to 4.7 million cubic feet.  China remains the top recipient of U.S. hardwood logs, boosting its imports by 19 percent.