Tree Farm Volunteers & Eight-Foot Sign

As June was just ending, the giant Tree Farm sign on the Brownie Amick property in Ritchie County got a make-over with the help from Glatfelter Company foresters Gene Shutler, Joe Garrett, and Brian Young and WVU Extension Forestry crew Dave McGill and Michael Friddle.

The prominent 8 ft x 8 ft sign has stood along US Route 50 since the mid-1980s.

Mr. Amick has a long history of experience from WWII to the days he traveled the roads of Ritchie County educating both adults and children about the early oil and gas history of the county.  His contribution to forestry and conservation in all his efforts makes it truly an honor to have our Tree Farm sign once again proudly posted on the family property.





Before: Gene Shutler and Joe Garrett stand next to the original Tree Farm sign, beginning to show the wear and tear of the many years it stood on the Amick property.






After:  (from left) Dave McGill, Brian Young, Gene Shutler, Brownie Amick, Joe Garrett, Judy Boyd, and Gerald Amick stand by the newly-erected Tree Farm sign.